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Atlas is a software project consulting company that focuses on the strategic development of software solutions. Our senior solutions architects' support can add value to your project from the early start-up phase up to a mature software project.

Our main mission is to develop and realize our own ideas but also to give outside clients an out-of-the-box perspective on how to improve and scale their projects.

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New UX/UI Perspectives

Growth Performance

Software Projekt Management as a Service

Software Team Building

Code Auditing

Monetization Strategy

Compliance Consulting

Bitcoin Payment Solutions

Brand Building

Execution is everything.

Our experts have been developing and consulting leading software companies over the years and we were able to help clients unlock their potential by adding our outside expert perspective and knowledge.

Success comes with predicting trends, our senior consultants have been at the forefront of every trend in the last decade. From bitcoin payment solutions to social media Monetization strategies.

At Atlas we believe that ideas are nothing and execution is everything. We have been building teams that have showed that we can deliver solutions, not just ideas.

Strategize. Organize. Globalize.

We provide dedicated expertise in business development, software development and information technology. Bringing innovation and inspiration to your business is our key mission.